1971 Helin Tackle Company Catalog Color Chart

I just came across the 64 page catalog published in 1971. A copy of the color chart was just added to the reference page and I’ll post a few other pictures of the catalog, letter and envelope.

1971 Catalog Color Chart

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Helin Flatfish box insert

This morning I added another Helin Flatfish box insert to the collection.  It is for 1940 and has several changes and additions from the 1939 example.

A complete inventory of changes published in this insert can be reviewed here.

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Helin Flatfish Color Charts

This evening I added a couple more catalog color charts for the Helin Tackle Comany Flatfish.  I’ve had the 1969 catalog for a while, just never got around to making the copies of the color charts.  Recently I added the 1953 catalog to my collection as well.  The color charts were added to the color chart reference page.

1953 Catalog Color Chart

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Chronology of the Helin Flatfish

One of the early challenges of a collector of fishing lures is gaining an understanding of the timeline of introduction, change and colors of the lures.  As I became interested in Charles Helin’s Flatfish, I discovered that there was very little consolidated information on the evolution of models and colors.  I’ve consolidated a chronology of production of the early years of the Helin Tackle Company Flatfish from information gathered from the box inserts and the various catalogs and other sources I’ve been able to view.  I also apply the cumulative sales numbers often referred to on the early inserts and in the annual catalogs.  This matrix has helped me organize my mind while trying to determine the age of various Flatfish lures.  I hope it does the same for you.

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Reference Material for the Helin Tackle Collector

My goal for this site is to provide information to the collector of Helin Tackle Company’s fishing lures.   I’m a relatively new collector and became interested in the Helin Flatfish as this was one of the first fishing lures I used as a kid fishing the cold water lakes of the PacificNorthwest.  As one of the axioms for the beginning fishing lure collector is to learn as much as you can about the lures you are interested in,  resist the temptation to collect anything you get your hands on, and collect the highest quality lures you can find/afford, I started my search for information on the company and their lures.  I found some very general information, but very little to help me understand the timeline of lure models or color patterns, let alone packaging…

I started to save the box inserts in a binder and soon was able to put together a basic set of information that greatly assisted me in my search for quality additions to my collection.  I decided to make them available to others here, as I could not find them online elsewhere.    Eventually I hope to complete the series of box inserts and will add to the color charts as I come across them.  I also hope to post information on the various boxes used over time and try and put a timeline for their use. 

This is a journey, and it is just beginning.  If you have information that enhances the material here, or corrects some of the assumptions I may make, I’d really like to hear from you.  Together we can make this a valuable and accurate resource for the Helin Tackle Company Fishing lure collector.

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